About us

Pastors Cristian & Karen

We are builders of strong families in Christ.

We have been Pastors for the last seven years. It's not something we do, it's who we are. We are sons of God, and as sons, we love to work in our Father's business.

Throughout 18 years of happy marriage, we have been called to apply biblical principles in our home, to the point of being able to teach them to thousands of families, with excellent results. After all, when God rises in a family, the enemies flee and the righteous rejoice. (Psalm 68)

We are doing a lot of things to show people in the world, the love of Jesus. 

We are not just evangelists; we are hugging christians who need to remember how Jesus loves them.

Julian and Maripaz

Julian is 15 already, and Maripaz is 11 years old.


They are not here for being the Pastor's children, but because they share the same calling. Loving people in the name of Jesus, and sharing the good news.


They preach all the time through 4 youtube channels, 2 in Spanish, and 2 in English.


Julian plays the keyboards in the church, and Maripaz is the drummer. Thank God for their lives.

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